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About Our Area

Nestled along the banks of the Shawangunk Kill in the shadow of the beautiful Shawangunk Ridge, the Pine Bush area was first settled as early as 1740. Located in the scenic town of Crawford in Orange County, NY, Pine Bush offers a variety of shops, restaurants and services. Pine Bush straddles three counties – Orange, Sullivan and Ulster, making Pine Bush a diverse and welcoming village. While driving into Pine Bush on NYS Scenic Byway Route 302, the mountain views and majestic horse farms make the trip worthwhile.

Pine Bush’s History of Commerce and Community

The origins of Pine Bush can be traced to commerce. In the early 1800’s the town of Crawford was formed by separating land from the town of Montgomery in order to more efficiently conduct business. Early commerce was based on lumber mills, gristmills and farming. Later the railroad became a major base for business growth. While the types of businesses have changed, throughout its history there has been a partnership between business owners and community members to work together to maintain the unique “community” feel of Pine Bush. Community and commerce are derived from the Latin root “Com” meaning with or together. As a chamber we serve to continue this tradition and strive to ensure a bright future for the area.

  • We promote the importance of shopping local and the positive impact it has on the community.
  • We support to our local business owners by providing marketing and networking opportunities.
  • We work with local and county officials to promote tourism and business development.