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OUR MISSION – The Beautification of Pine Bush Project (B.P.B.P) 

The Town of Crawford is host to incredibly talented individuals and businesses and we wanted a way to showcase how lovely our town is. It is also our mission to help our small businesses gain foot traffic so they can continue to serve our community, and remain the staples of what makes the Town of Crawford so special. 

In order for us to do that, we need a way to attract people from just passing through town. We believe that with the First Friday events, we can beautify our town and make it more inviting for our visitors. We encourage our visitors, and our locals to shop, drink, and eat locally whenever possible, and by creating a cozy town environment, we believe that can help draw in more business. 

When our vendors participate in our First Friday events, the tent and table fees we collect from them go directly back into our community by beautifying our Main Street and the surrounding areas. Our goal is to add additional benches, lighting, community gardens, trees, year-round Main St and Gazebo decor, paint for local businesses, and more!